How To Use The Consumption Simulator

Use this tool to simulate different scenarios and get the outcome immediately.

This tool is part of Zima Quota Control.


After creating some rules, you want to test the effect of these rules on the users. This simulator makes this process easy. You can try out different scenarios and see which rule will take effect in place.


You can combine different values and test to see which rule applies under different conditions.

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Configuring Mikrotik Rate Limits

Here’s the Mikrotik’s Rate Limit structure:

rx-rate[/tx-rate] [rx-burst-rate[/tx-burst-rate] [rx-burst-threshold[/tx-burst-threshold] [rx-burst-time[/tx-burst-time] [priority] [rx-rate-min[/tx-rate-min]]]]


We always start from the router’s side. When the router receives (rx) it means client upload. When the router transfers (tx) it means client download.

in other terms: rx-rate/tx-rate means respectively upload/download.
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How to Connect Remotely to Ubuntu Server Using PuTTY

In this tutorial, we will explain how to connect remotely from a Windows PC to Ubuntu Server using PuTTY.


Sometimes we need to connect to our Ubuntu Server remotely instead of having to work on it directly.  In order to do this from a Windows based PC, we can use PuTTY.

PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client. It’s a multi-purpose tool. For our current scenario we are going to use it to connect to a remote Ubuntu Server. One of the advantages of PuTTY is that it has a bi-directional clipboard; We can copy/paste commands easily from and to our remote destination.
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